Godzilla vs Godzilla: 1954 compared to 2019

I have great memories watching Godzilla movies with old North Carolina buddies who I love but don’t get to see anymore. Maybe that’s why I was mildly curious about Godzilla: King of Monsters. Even though I missed 2014's Godzilla, I watched the original ‘54 version for the first time to prepare. In short, I loved... Continue Reading →

Jordan Peele’s Hollywood Shuffle

I couldn’t stop thinking about Jordan Peele while watching Robert Townsend's Hollywood Shuffle. A month or so ago, the Peele caused a stir when he announced that he probably wouldn’t ever cast a white person as the lead in one of his films. Cries of “reverse racism” flooded social media and comment boards. “These undercover fascist... Continue Reading →

You Must Remeber This: BB and Vursatyl

By Brooks Hall Like most music lovers I have built relationships with many different songs over the course of my life. Not all of these relationships are intentional like my sorted affair with Vance Joy’s “Riptide.” Some of these songs are like close family friends as they seem to be in the background of every... Continue Reading →

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