Come to Jennifer: Beyond Fest 2019

I couldn’t think of a better introduction to Beyond Fest: a 10th-anniversary screening of Jennifer’s Body and the West Coast premiere of Come to Daddy. I hadn’t seen either film previously, so experiencing them on a big screen surrounded by fellow genre movie enthusiasts was a gratifying first watch.

Jennifer’s Body had been on my list for a while. It was panned upon its release but has enjoyed a bit of a reappraisal the past few years. Its explicitly queer, feminist thematic throughlines are compelling enough to make this a substantive, yet still fun, horror film. I also enjoyed the sharp commentary on how the public and media react to large-scale public tragedies.

Plus, JK Simmons in, what I think is, a fantastically bad hairpiece.

Come to Daddy is a more cerebral, suspenseful horror film. First-time director, but long-time producer, Ant Timpson ensures that dread permeates every frame. You have no idea where Daddy is going to take you. A great performance from Elijah Wood, some disturbing surprises, and a poignant beating heart make for an engaging, if not uncomfortable, watch.

Plus, they gave us poop-shaped donuts!




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