The Most Distinct Voices in Hip-Hop

I really enjoyed writing the post about “ugly” voices, so I’ve decided to do a second installment on vocals. Vocals are so interesting because they can be the most immediate thing you hear and really impact a song. Guitar riffs, orchestral swells, and breakbeats can sound really similar, but voices can be distinct. Oftentimes, vocals... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Uggos

On Friday, Bob Dylan gave a speech at a benefit concert honoring him. I saw an intriguing quote pulled from the speech where he addresses criticism about his voice: “Critics say I can't sing, I sound like a frog," he said "Why don't critics say that about Tom Waits? Critics say my voice is shot.... Continue Reading →

DI Finds

Music lovers thoroughly enjoy scouring thrift stores and antique malls for musical treasures. I’ve found David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited, Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush, Elton John’s Goodbye to Yellow Brick Road, and other classics in good condition for a good price on vinyl. Aside from vinyl, I still enjoy... Continue Reading →

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